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Business letters made easy!


Want to get more work done in less time? If so, why not download a set of pre-written, customizable business letters instead of creating everything from scratch? Business Letters Deluxe is a zipped file containing 109 customizable business letters covering a wide range of situations... everything from accepting a job offer to requesting proposals from service providers.

The letters are easy to use. Download the zipped file to your hard disk, double-click on the file icon, and Business Letters Deluxe will unzip itself. Instantly you will have a new folder on your hard disk containing all of the letters. Just open a letter in your Microsoft Word program, fill in a few obvious blanks, save your new version and you are ready to send it via email or postal mail.

The cost is only $14.97, and the package comes with a moneyback guarantee. Would you like to see a sample letter before purchasing Business Letters Deluxe? Choose one letter from the list below and request a free sample by sending an email to jbtilden@cox.net  Write "free letter" in the subject line of your email and put the name of the letter (example: Request for appointment with client) in the body of your email.

Administrative Letters

  • Confirmation by speaker
  • Confirmation to speaker
  • Disciplinary letter
  • Dismissal due to layoff
  • Dismissal of unsuitable employee
  • Donation cover letter
  • Donation refusal
  • Internal memo regarding new policy
  • Recommendation of company
  • Rejection of request for tuition reimbursement
  • Response to customer complaint
  • Thank you for donation


Announcement Letters

  • Address change
  • Announcement of new employee
  • Announcement of top sales representative
  • Company name change
  • Introduction of new sales representative
  • Notification of price change
  • Notification of upcoming dues increase
  • Promotion announcement
  • Resignation announcement to boss
  • Resignation announcement to client
  • Resignation of staff member
  • Sales award notification
  • Shipping fee notification


Bids and Proposal Letters

  • Acceptance of bid for product or service
  • Bid acceptance for new supplier for new supplier
  • Bid rejection
  • Bid solicitation
  • Bid submission (product)
  • Bid submission (service)
  • Bid to purchase real estate
  • Invitation to renew service contract
  • Letter of intent to purchase home
  • Proposal
  • Proposal request
  • Refusal to renew service agreement
  • Rejection of potential supplier
  • Rejection of proposal
  • Request for new bid from current vendor
  • Thank you after rejection of bid


Letters to Clients and Prospects

  • Donation request (money)
  • Donation request (products)
  • Introduction of company to prospective client
  • Introduction of new product
  • Introduction of service company
  • Introduction of temporary employee provider
  • Pre-convention letter
  • Request for appointment with client
  • Request for referral
  • Welcome to potential client


Courtesy Letters

  • Birthday or anniversary greeting
  • Client relocation
  • Compliment employee to boss
  • Condolences (death)
  • Congratulations on award
  • Congratulations on new baby
  • Congratulations on new job
  • Congratulations on promotion
  • Congratulations on retirement
  • Follow-up after sales call (no sale)
  • Holiday greetings
  • Thank you after rejection of bid
  • Thank you for bonus
  • Thank you for business
  • Thank you for interview
  • Thank you for meal
  • Thank you for referring our company
  • Thank you to new client
  • Thank you to speaker


Credit and Collections Letters

  • Adjustment letter (negative response)
  • Adjustment letter (positive response)
  • Consumer statement submission for credit file
  • Credit denial notification
  • Credit denial query
  • Credit dispute letter
  • Credit line refusal
  • Inactive account
  • Investigation of credit reference
  • NSF check notification
  • Past due account
  • Past due fee notification


Human Resources Letters

  • Acceptance of job applicant
  • Acknowledgment of response to classified ad
  • Favorable letter of reference
  • Reference for former employee
  • Rejection of applicant for internal job opening
  • Rejection of interviewee
  • Rejection of job applicant
  • Request for leave of absence from job
  • Request for letter of recommendation
  • Request for promotion or transfer
  • Thank you for resume
  • Thank you to job applicant
  • Verification of employment


Job Seeker Letters

  • Acceptance of job offer
  • Cancellation of verbal agreement to accept job
  • Cover letter to prospective employer
  • Declining a job offer
  • Thank you for interview


Special Purpose Letters

  • Airfare refund request
  • Automobile price quote
  • Complaint for repair overcharge
  • Complaint to mail order company
  • Hotel property theft
  • Legislative request
  • Recommendation of college applicant
  • Rental property damage
  • Request for permission to reprint copyrighted material
  • Request to terminate insurance policy
  • Thank you for automobile purchase

Need to send it electronically? You can easily adapt these business letters from postal mail to email: just copy and paste the body of the letter into your email message and hit "Send"! 

What if none of the available business letter templates will do the job? I can prepare a customized business letter to fit your situation. Click on "Services" to find out how to work with me.

In addition to providing pre-written business letter templates through this website, I'm a full-time writer and editor. If your job involves writing, I can help you get more work done with less effort.