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"Janet has been terrific to work with. I've worked with her on several lengthy textbooks and she is very thorough and competent. Especially important for me, Janet works quick ... read more

"I so appreciate your meticulous fine-tuning of my huge text manuscript. You are one of those gifted editors that know to respect an author's voice, while spotting little gre ... read more

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 When "good enough" is not enough...

If you have a passion for perfection, we have something in common.

Clear, error-free writing enhances your credibility and conveys an image of quality and care. You can trust Janet Tilden ("The Rewrite Lady") to ensure that your written words make the best possible impression.

Want to look over my shoulder and see how I work? Click on the link below to download a free PDF e-book showing three documents before and after I edited them: a blog post, a business proposal letter, and a flyer. Click on the link and then choose "Save as" to copy the PDF to your hard disk.
From Confused and Cluttered to Clear and Concise: Three Mini Case Studies

Thinking about working with me? If so, you may be interested in finding out how my editorial services have helped other people. Below are brief descriptions of solutions I've provided for four of my longtime clients. If your interest is piqued, call me at (402) 350-5967 (I answer my own phone) or send an email to jbtilden@cox.net.


Client Profile:  Motivational Speaker Van Deeb

Problem:  After selling his company and launching a career as a full-time motivational speaker, Van was getting ready to self-publish a revised version of a book he had written a few years earlier. He talked with representatives of two small firms that specialize in helping people self-publish their books. One company charged high fees, and Van felt that the level of service they provided would not justify the cost involved. The second company had a more affordable fee structure but took a long time to respond to Van’s phone calls. He was concerned that they would not be able to provide the help he needed within his desired time frame.

Solution:  After being introduced to Janet Tilden of Executive Rewrites through a mutual contact on LinkedIn, Van met with her to talk about his book project. Together they explored options for preparing the manuscript for publication and getting it in print. Janet suggested reorganizing the book into chapters and adding a new chapter describing how Van had started and developed his highly successful real estate firm. Van worked closely with Janet throughout the editing process and was pleased with her attention to details and quick responses to his phone calls and email messages.

Results:  Van published his book (Common-Sense Selling), which received positive feedback from readers. He chose to work with Janet on his next book (Van’s Plan), which was also well received. As an ongoing client of Executive Rewrites, Van relies on Janet for prompt and careful editing of his monthly newsletter and promotional documents as well as his books.


Client Profile:  Tara Slevin, Director of Development and Volunteering for Jennie Edmundson Hospital

Problem:  Tara’s position at a hospital involves a significant amount of writing—a skill that does not come easily to her. In fact, she greatly prefers speaking to writing. Her work places heavy demands on her time, and she often ends up putting in extra hours during the evening and on weekends.

Solution:  To lighten her workload and produce quality documents in tight time frames, Tara relies on editor Janet Tilden (owner of Executive Rewrites) for same-day professional editing of fundraising letters, program bios, brochures and newsletter articles. Tara provides Janet with an initial draft of her document via email along with a brief explanation of what should be added, changed, or expanded. If Janet needs more information to revise the document, she contacts Tara via email or phone. Most of Tara’s projects require a single editorial pass, but others go through an additional draft if more information becomes available or if Tara’s colleagues request additional changes.

Results:  Janet’s editorial help allows Tara to accomplish more work in less time, producing concise, clear, and convincing documents quickly and easily.


Client Profile: Dan Allison, Feedback Marketing Group

Problem:  Dan specializes in showing businesses how to use focus groups to strengthen existing client relationships and encourage referrals. Each presentation requires an array of customized materials, but Dan’s schedule limits the amount of time he can spend ensuring that each document conveys a professional image.

Solution:  Dan relies on Janet Tilden of Executive Rewrites to edit his presentation materials and other documents. He sends each file to Janet via email and receives the edited version the same day.

Results:  Dan says, “As someone who needs to create a lot of content, I appreciate not having to worry about checking for structure and grammar. I know that I can turn over a document to Janet and receive it back in deliverable condition. That saves me a tremendous amount of time and projects the right image for my company.” 


Client Profile: David Harding, Partner, Legacy Preservation LLC

Problem:  David’s work in producing family and business histories involves large numbers of extensive client interviews. David records the interviews and needs them transcribed quickly and compiled in edited form.


Solution:  David struggled to find competent, timely, and affordable service … until he discovered Janet Tilden of Executive Rewrites. Now Janet not only does all of his transcriptions and compilation edits, she also proofreads his finished products and advises him on grammar, punctuation, and word choice.


Results:  “Janet has been a godsend to us,” David says. “She can handle any amount of material we throw at her, and her eye for detail continually amazes me. Janet gets it right the first time, every time.”